Alan B

A good Freemason friend of mine told me shortly after I joined Wrest Park Lodge that Freemasonry is a “Great Leveller”. When I questioned what he meant, he summed it up by saying, “Tell me another walk of life or a society where members of so many different strata of society mix together so freely & un-self-consciously? Members of Freemasonry range between those of rank & opulence & those who lack comfort in their daily existence, yet all recognise that they are equal to one another.” It’s a sobering thought don’t you think?

With that in mind, I felt no reason to be withdrawn when learning the whys & wherefores of Freemasonry & more importantly when delivering it in the Lodge. It’s great for developing one’s self-confidence because if you put in the effort & do your best the other members will support you in all your efforts because that’s what Freemasons do.

I joined Wrest Park Lodge for three reasons. Firstly, Wrest Park is the main feature in the village where I lived at the time & it felt right to be associated with it. Secondly, because it was a good friend who is a member of Wrest Park Lodge that was prepared to propose me. Thirdly, because I’d known about Freemasonry for a number of years & had been able to find out just sufficient to whet my appetite for more knowledge. I have not regretted the decision that I took to join & I hope to be involved with the Lodge for many more years to come. Others are always welcome to join if they like what we do & want to become involved with us.