Bob M

I first became interested in Freemasonry when I was about 14, my father was a Scot and every year we went up to Scotland to visit the family. When I was about 14, my father’s older brother had a stroke and was left in a wheelchair unable to walk, talk or use his left hand. I had noticed that financially they did not want for anything, so I said to my father “Uncle Robert must have a lot of savings, to be able to live as he does”? My father simply replied, “he’s a Mason”.

As I did not know anyone who was a Mason I felt unable to question it further & my knowledge of Masonry did not improve for a number of years. In fact, it wasn’t until I took over a local pub where one of the regular customers was a mason, that it had any opportunity too. When I got know him, I started to ask him questions about Freemasonry & he provided me with a lot of “food for thought”.

Later I took over another local pub where I got to know one of the regular customers and his wife. I learned from him that he was the first initiate of Wrest Park Lodge & that he’d been a member for 20 years at that point. He registered my interest & suggested that he could propose me as a member of his Lodge, an offer which I accepted. I have never regretted a moment since joining and would recommend it to everyone.